Dig Deep 2018

Another awesome weekend of racing. Preliminary results are as follows:


Name Country Category Time Position
Graham Watson GBR Veteran Male 10:41:00 1st
Thomas Leaver GBR Senior Male 10:58:20 2nd
Potter Potter GBR Veteran Male 11:03:58 3rd
Harry Pulham GBR Senior Male 11:26:11 4th
Graham Ivory GBR Veteran Male 11:26:58 5th
Mark Whitworth GBR Veteran Male 11:56:33 6th
Sam Green GBR Senior Male 12:31:24 7th
Mick O’Hanlon GBR Veteran Male 12:37:12 8th
Michael Jones GBR Senior Male 12:40:37 9th
Helen Pike GBR Veteran Female 12:48:27 10th
Andrew Jenkinson GBR Senior Male 12:48:34 11th
Simon Stephens GBR Veteran Male 12:48:35 12th
Philip Padfield GBR Male over 50 12:59:52 13th
Francesco Pelizza ITA Senior Male 13:08:14 14th
Rafal Szymanski POL Senior Male 13:27:05 15th
Bengt Johnsson SWE Male over 50 13:34:02 16th
Helen Smith GBR Veteran Female 13:37:48 17th
Kallum Pritchard GBR Senior Male 13:38:45 18th
Ben Clough GBR Senior Male 13:38:54 19th
Paul Cannon GBR Veteran Male 13:38:57 20th
Tim Seers GBR Senior Male 13:50:55 21st
Adam Close GBR Senior Male 13:54:36 22nd
Stuart Berryman GBR Senior Male 14:02:53 23rd
Laura Hill GBR Veteran Female 14:10:43 24th
Andrew Imms GBR Senior Male 14:38:20 25th
Ben Morris GBR Senior Male 14:49:20 26th
Kyle Armstrong GBR Senior Male 14:49:22 27th
Lorraine Pang GBR Senior Female 14:50:28 28th
Pete Chandler GBR Male over 50 14:54:01 29th
Deirdre Claffey IRL Senior Female 15:12:30 30th
Ian Martin GBR Veteran Male 15:12:33 31st
Becky Greenwood GBR Senior Female 15:42:59 32nd
Paul Bourne GBR Male over 50 15:48:50 33rd
Jason Hart GBR Veteran Male 17:01:15 34th
Peter Nicholson GBR Senior Male 17:21:26 35th
Jonathan Moulding GBR Veteran Male 17:22:16 36th
Alexander Horne GBR Senior Male 17:22:17 37th
Rachel Sutton GBR Veteran Female 17:22:19 38th
Nathan Thompson GBR Veteran Male 17:22:55 39th
Mina Tsvetanova BGR Senior Female 17:22:58 40th
Conor Morgan-Hughes GBR Senior Male dnf

PT 50

Name Country Category Time Position
Vicky Bridges GBR Senior Female 10:01:45 1st
Lucy Wasinski GBR Senior Female 10:06:37 2nd
Danny English GBR Senior Male 10:12:00 3rd
Elliott Preater GBR Senior Male 10:16:13 4th
Rob Cooper GBR Veteran Male 10:19:21 5th
Peter Carvell GBR Veteran Male 10:22:37 6th
Jonothan Wright GBR Veteran Male 10:39:37 7th
Annette Haines GBR Senior Female 11:18:34 8th
David Palmer GBR Senior Male 11:19:43 9th
Naomi-Jane Andrews GBR Senior Female 11:20:02 10th
Alexandra Moores GBR Senior Female 11:24:07 11th
David Cummins IRL Senior Male 11:32:04 12th
Rachael Shelbourn GBR Veteran Female 12:07:24 13th
Kirsten Reilly GBR Senior Female 12:08:41 14th
John Ellis-Hill GBR Veteran Male 12:37:51 15th
Steve Young IRL Male over 50 13:52:47 16th
Darren Elliott GBR Senior Male 15:05:27 17th
Joseph Thompson GBR Senior Male 16:16:29 18th
Carl Hughes GBR Veteran Male dnf
Jonathan Fowler GBR Senior Male dnf

PT 30

Name Country Category Time Position
Robin Carter GBR Senior Male 04:11:52 1st
Paul Middlemas GBR Senior Male 04:40:10 2nd
Craig Muress GBR Veteran Male 04:48:41 3rd
Kate Hastings GBR Senior Female 04:58:58 4th
Jason Tuck NZL Senior Male 05:05:21 5th
Jonny Muir GBR Senior Male 05:05:28 6th
Jack Swindells GBR Senior Male 05:13:26 7th
Benjamin Letzer GBR Veteran Male 05:24:20 8th
Mark Francis GBR Senior Male 05:28:37 9th
Joe Painter GBR Senior Male 05:29:08 10th
Rob Arden GBR Senior Male 05:34:02 11th=
Alli Grundy GBR Veteran Female 05:34:02 11th=
Elton Angle-Smith GBR Veteran Male 05:35:27 13th
Jonathan Morgan GBR Senior Male 05:37:10 14th
Henry Keighley-Elstub GBR Veteran Male 05:37:58 15th
Kevin Walker GBR Veteran Male 05:41:18 16th
Jack Parrott GBR Senior Male 05:41:41 17th=
Sarah Bullivent GBR Senior Female 05:41:41 17th=
Morgan Windram-Geddes USA Senior Female 05:41:43 19th
Alan Bushell GBR Veteran Male 05:43:58 20th
Anna Paxton GBR Senior Female 05:44:52 21st
Sarah Chynoweth GBR Senior Female 05:48:56 22nd
Alex Greenwood GBR Senior Male 05:51:32 23rd
Jamie Douglass GBR Senior Male 05:53:49 24th
Rod Bye GBR Male over 50 05:59:16 25th
Christopher Pilbin GBR Senior Male 05:59:19 26th
Garth de Roux GBR Veteran Male 05:59:34 27th
Emma Giles GBR Senior Female 05:59:53 28th
John Houston GBR Senior Male 06:00:26 29th
Amie Woodward GBR Senior Female 06:00:28 30th
Lee O Connor GBR Senior Male 06:01:46 31st
Jo Yeoman GBR Veteran Female 06:03:33 32nd
Keith Wilson GBR Senior Male 06:03:37 33rd
John Boardman GBR Veteran Male 06:05:03 34th
Simon Dieppe GBR Veteran Male 06:07:13 35th
Chris Hanson GBR Senior Male 06:07:20 36th
Laurence Suckling GBR Senior Male 06:12:57 37th
Dan Findlay-Robinson GBR Senior Male 06:13:21 38th
Kelly Ford GBR Veteran Female 06:13:54 39th
Jonathan Fletcher GBR Senior Male 06:18:55 40th
Rachel Bird GBR Veteran Female 06:19:23 41st
Carl Bennett GBR Veteran Male 06:21:03 42nd
Alun Southwood GBR Senior Male 06:23:48 43rd
Luke Holme GBR Senior Male 06:25:00 44th
Pete Wallroth IRL Senior Male 06:25:01 45th
Dean Hague GBR Veteran Male 06:27:14 46th
Chris Taylor GBR Senior Male 06:28:56 47th
Richard Stewart GBR Veteran Male 06:29:33 48th
Andy Walker GBR Senior Male 06:33:10 49th
Michael Lyons GBR Senior Male 06:34:17 50th
Simeon Adams GBR Senior Male 06:38:46 51st
Ian Stinson GBR Veteran Male 06:39:35 52nd
Wendy Groom GBR Veteran Female 06:40:26 53rd
Joe Martin GBR Senior Male 06:40:30 54th
Pippa Inderwick GBR Senior Female 06:40:38 55th
James Body GBR Senior Male 06:40:39 56th
Katie Alexander GBR Senior Female 06:43:22 57th
Stewart Alexander GBR Veteran Male 06:43:33 58th
John Power GBR Male over 50 06:44:15 59th
Jamie Walker GBR Veteran Male 06:44:44 60th
Hannah Woods GBR Veteran Female 06:44:47 61st
Simon Walkden GBR Veteran Male 06:46:03 62nd
Ollie Sterne GBR Senior Male 06:49:08 63rd
Jessica Morris GBR Senior Female 06:49:12 64th=
Jonathan Patrick GBR Senior Male 06:49:12 64th=
Marcus Adams GBR Male over 50 06:50:06 66th
Iain Ross GBR Veteran Male 06:50:11 67th
Graham North GBR Veteran Male 06:55:31 68th
Jon Axon GBR Male over 50 06:55:42 69th
Paul Sutherland GBR Veteran Male 06:59:47 70th
Georgina Richardson GBR Veteran Female 07:00:11 71st
Ishmael Burdeau USA Male over 50 07:00:14 72nd
Chris Moody GBR Male over 50 07:03:27 73rd
James Fletcher GBR Veteran Male 07:09:35 74th
Ian Griffiths GBR Veteran Male 07:11:14 75th
mir jansen NLD Female over 50 07:11:55 76th
John Rawlinson GBR Male over 50 07:11:56 77th
Deborah Short GBR Female over 50 07:12:01 78th
Mel Minton GBR Veteran Female 07:12:03 79th
Victoria Carter GBR Senior Female 07:12:44 80th
Lee Holt GBR Senior Male 07:12:46 81st
Kate Thurman GBR Veteran Female 07:13:21 82nd
john-henry rhind GBR Senior Male 07:18:09 83rd
Helen Popescu ROU Senior Female 07:18:36 84th
Matt Shorrock GBR Veteran Male 07:29:46 85th
Ilona Alcock GBR Senior Female 07:43:18 86th
James Alcock GBR Senior Male 07:43:20 87th
Simon Fagg GBR Veteran Male 07:47:16 88th
Kathryn Fagg GBR Senior Female 07:47:17 89th
Joanna Coates GBR Senior Female 07:52:34 90th
Clare Cooper GBR Veteran Female 07:52:35 91st
Zoe Clift GBR Veteran Female 07:52:36 92nd
Charlotte Houghton GBR Veteran Female 07:53:17 93rd
Jack Houghton GBR Veteran Male 07:53:22 94th
Nicole Brown GBR Veteran Female 07:55:27 95th
Ashley Hodgkins GBR Veteran Male 07:56:02 96th
tim atkin GBR Male over 50 07:57:17 97th
Matthias Davis GBR Senior Male 07:57:54 98th
Zoe Davis GBR Senior Female 07:58:01 99th
Simon Kelly GBR Senior Male 07:58:03 100th
Andrea Sewell GBR Female over 50 08:02:05 101st
Marianne Williamson GBR Veteran Female 08:02:06 102nd=
Andy Sewell GBR Male over 50 08:02:06 102nd=
Bianca Lizut DEU Veteran Female 08:20:42 104th=
Mike Merrin GBR Veteran Male 08:20:42 104th=
Katharine Challen GBR Senior Female 08:30:07 106th
Tim Rial GBR Senior Male 08:32:12 107th
Alison Pickard GBR Senior Female 08:35:09 108th
Catherine Pickard GBR Veteran Female 08:35:10 109th
JAMES PRICE GBR Veteran Male 08:47:47 110th
Judith Webb GBR Female over 50 08:52:12 111th
Andrew Waters GBR Male over 50 08:56:27 112th
Jessica Hall GBR Veteran Female 09:23:04 113th
Caroline Woods-Peel GBR Veteran Female 09:23:08 114th
Simon Spencer GBR Senior Male 09:50:42 115th
Todd Coleman GBR Veteran Male 10:50:49 116th
Helen Coleman GBR Veteran Female 10:50:52 117th
Lucy Marris GBR Female over 50 12:36:39 118th
Chris Dempsey GBR Veteran Male dnf
Keith Gray GBR Male over 50 dnf
Sacha Kennyy GBR Veteran Male dnf
Savvas Zamboglou IRL Veteran Male dnf
Stephen Chandler GBR Male over 50 dnf
David Barnes GBR Senior Male dnf


Name Country Category Time Position
Carl Redondo GBR Veteran Male 01:28:18 1st
Martyn Ryan GBR Senior Male 01:30:11 2nd
David Addenbrooke GBR Senior Male 01:30:56 3rd
Rodrigo Santos PRT Senior Male 01:30:57 4th
Christopher Bell GBR Veteran Male 01:31:28 5th
Peter Lloyd GBR Veteran Male 01:31:58 6th
Jerome Mcallister GBR Veteran Male 01:35:45 7th
Phil Moore GBR Senior Male 01:35:57 8th
Carl Bradford GBR Veteran Male 01:36:33 9th
Tony Hall GBR Male over 50 01:38:41 10th
Matthew Wright GBR Senior Male 01:39:27 11th
Mark Elwis GBR Male over 50 01:39:54 12th
Sarah Harrison GBR Veteran Female 01:41:46 13th
Heather Marshall GBR Senior Female 01:42:22 14th
Bridget Coomber GBR Female over 50 01:45:37 15th
Jordan Wiadrowski AUS Veteran Male 01:47:41 16th
Hywel Curtis GBR Senior Male 01:49:24 17th
William Smith GBR Senior Male 01:49:34 18th
George Axon GBR Senior Male 01:51:47 19th
Andrew Battye GBR Male over 50 01:52:39 20th
Mick Durkin GBR Male over 50 01:52:54 21st
Ashleigh Barron GBR Senior Female 01:53:29 22nd
Jason Green GBR Veteran Male 01:54:02 23rd
Dean Bradley GBR Veteran Male 01:54:05 24th
richard borysiewicz GBR Male over 50 01:54:15 25th
David Firth GBR Senior Male 01:55:32 26th
Jason Cotterill GBR Veteran Male 01:55:36 27th
Tom Hodgkinson GBR Veteran Male 01:57:24 28th
Iain McMaster GBR Veteran Male 01:57:40 29th
Agathe Delloue FRA Senior Female 01:57:57 30th
John Gilbert GBR Male over 50 01:58:30 31st
Joel Kesterton GBR Senior Male 02:00:23 32nd
Dorothy Kesterton GBR Female over 50 02:00:26 33rd
Zoe Redondo GBR Veteran Female 02:01:23 34th
Mark Stevenson GBR Veteran Male 02:04:31 35th
MICHAEL RICHARDSON GBR Male over 50 02:06:49 36th
Tom Martin GBR Senior Male 02:07:57 37th
Alex Buchanan GBR Senior Male 02:07:59 38th
Carl Smith GBR Veteran Male 02:08:03 39th
Sam Burdon GBR Senior Male 02:08:07 40th
Kate Scott UK Female over 50 02:08:08 41st
Jennifer Lau IRL Senior Female 02:09:54 42nd
Claire Wolstenholme GBR Senior Female 02:10:43 43rd
Rebecca Flanagan GBR Senior Female 02:10:48 44th
david ashworth GBR Male over 50 02:14:25 45th
michael ashworth GBR Veteran Male 02:14:27 46th
Matt Charlton GBR Senior Male 02:14:28 47th
John Richardson GBR Male over 50 02:14:46 48th
Julie Eckford GBR Female over 50 02:14:54 49th
Steven Corden GBR Veteran Male 02:16:11 50th
Peter Spicer GBR Senior Male 02:16:35 51st
Helen Cameron IRL Senior Female 02:18:11 52nd
ian moore GBR Male over 50 02:18:55 53rd
Jack Bloor GBR Senior Male 02:19:52 54th
Sean Friend GBR Veteran Male 02:20:31 55th
SEAN FRIEND GBR Veteran Male 02:21:19 56th
Leah Evans GBR Senior Female 02:22:31 57th
Dominic Evans GBR Senior Male 02:22:33 58th
Jackie Bye GBR Female over 50 02:23:05 59th
Adele Bushell GBR Female over 50 02:23:54 60th
Jennifer Lear GBR Senior Female 02:24:31 61st
Pete Chandler GBR Male over 50 02:24:35 62nd
Sally Scales GBR Senior Female 02:24:50 63rd
Dave Raynes GBR Male over 50 02:25:52 64th
David Carter GBR Veteran Male 02:28:02 65th
Fleur Roberts GBR Veteran Female 02:29:08 66th
Claire Britt GBR Veteran Female 02:29:10 67th
Jane Scott GBR Veteran Female 02:29:20 68th
NEAL MATTHEWS GBR Veteran Male 02:31:44 69th
Wayne Gobey GBR Veteran Male 02:33:03 70th
James Bagnall GBR Veteran Male 02:33:07 71st
Stephen Brown GBR Senior Male 02:37:27 72nd
Daniel Fryatt GBR Senior Male 02:37:30 73rd
Ian Cunningham GBR Male over 50 02:38:41 74th
Helen King GBR Veteran Female 02:38:43 75th
Sally Axon GBR Female over 50 02:42:59 76th
David Adams GBR Veteran Male 02:44:15 77th
Sallyann Winslow GBR Veteran Female 02:44:18 78th
Emma Phillips GBR Veteran Female 02:50:29 79th
Tony Turner GBR Male over 50 02:50:32 80th
Jaynie Turner GBR Senior Female 02:50:34 81st
Cheryl Hutchins GBR Female over 50 02:50:36 82nd
John Pierrepont GBR Senior Male 02:51:27 83rd
Sarah Danby GBR Senior Female 02:51:31 84th
Mandy Beames GBR Senior Female 02:56:54 85th
Stewart Marden GBR Male over 50 02:57:47 86th
Clare Hicks GBR Veteran Female 02:57:58 87th
Beverly Wynne GBR Veteran Female 03:13:45 88th
Adele Tabbiner GBR Veteran Female 03:13:47 89th
Gemma Hall GBR Senior Female 03:13:49 90th
Sarah Letzer GBR Senior Female 03:24:40 91st
Kerri Clarke GBR Senior Female 03:24:42 92nd
Sharon Ward GBR Veteran Female 03:24:57 93rd
Michael Nares GBR Senior Male 03:47:16 94th
Jane Evans GBR Female over 50 dnf


Name Country Category Time Position
Evan Davies GBR Senior Male 00:41:20 1st
Chris Andrade GBR Senior Male 00:44:14 2nd
Stefan Szablewski GBR Senior Male 00:44:22 3rd
Dan Fauset GBR Veteran Male 00:46:22 4th
James Pratt GBR Senior Male 00:46:49 5th
Stephen Mallon GBR Senior Male 00:47:01 6th
Liam Jackson GBR Senior Male 00:47:35 7th
David Woods GBR Veteran Male 00:48:08 8th
Matthew Burgon GBR Senior Male 00:48:19 9th
Sam Ainscough GBR Senior Male 00:48:39 10th
Michael Walker GBR Senior Male 00:49:27 11th
Thomas Barradell GBR Senior Male 00:51:24 12th
Ash Rawson GBR Senior Male 00:52:10 13th
Emma Cooper GBR Senior Female 00:52:14 14th
Hannah Wood GBR Senior Female 00:52:23 15th
Mick Crookes GBR Male over 50 00:53:02 16th
fleur pickering GBR Veteran Female 00:53:24 17th
Steve Robinson GBR Male over 50 00:54:34 18th
Andy Walch GBR Veteran Male 00:54:35 19th
Paul TRudgill GBR Veteran Male 00:54:38 20th
Jacqui Herring GBR Veteran Female 00:54:40 21st
Benjamin Sanderson GBR Senior Male 00:54:50 22nd
Heather Fisher GBR Senior Female 00:55:17 23rd
Jack Binns GBR Senior Male 00:57:02 24th=
Mark Bradshaw GBR Senior Male 00:57:02 24th=
Chris Walch GBR Senior Male 00:57:31 26th
Anna Donkin GBR Senior Female 00:57:37 27th
Rebecca Barker GBR Senior Female 00:57:39 28th
Darren Wake GBR Veteran Male 00:57:52 29th
Marek Szablewski GBR Male over 50 00:58:13 30th
Duncan Wood GBR Veteran Male 00:58:28 31st
Julia Buxton GBR Female over 50 00:58:43 32nd
Katie Coyle GBR Veteran Female 00:58:53 33rd=
Helen Cain GBR Veteran Female 00:58:53 33rd=
Daniel Cherry GBR Senior Male 00:59:03 35th
Naomi Tuckett GBR Senior Female 01:00:22 36th
Terry Everatt GBR Male over 50 01:00:33 37th
dev gurung NPL Veteran Male 01:01:23 38th
Nicky Stubbs GBR Senior Male 01:01:42 39th
Katy Golding GBR Senior Female 01:02:09 40th
Joana Cerveira PRT Senior Female 01:02:11 41st
Kevin Adderley GBR Veteran Male 01:02:14 42nd
Ruth Albaya GBR Senior Female 01:02:22 43rd
Fran Bottmley GBR Senior Male 01:02:38 44th
Richard Green GBR Veteran Male 01:03:06 45th
David Jolley GBR Male over 50 01:03:12 46th
Alyson Evans GBR Senior Female 01:03:23 47th
Andrew Callaghan GBR Male over 50 01:03:31 48th
Elizabeth Hudson GBR Senior Female 01:03:58 49th
Bryony Houston GBR Senior Female 01:04:19 50th
David Masters GBR Male over 50 01:04:37 51st
Richard Simpson GBR Male over 50 01:05:04 52nd
Claire Varden GBR Veteran Female 01:06:08 53rd
Nigel Arding GBR Male over 50 01:06:21 54th
Sandi Carman GBR Veteran Female 01:06:35 55th
Sarah Fahy GBR Senior Female 01:06:57 56th
Ruby Clarke GBR Senior Female 01:07:01 57th
Helen Eberlin GBR Female over 50 01:07:15 58th
Erica Oram GBR Veteran Female 01:07:52 59th
David James GBR Male over 50 01:08:01 60th
Suzanne Combes GBR Veteran Female 01:08:02 61st
Catherine Sykes GBR Male over 50 01:09:14 62nd
Robyn Gilbert ZAF Senior Female 01:09:36 63rd
Joanne Rutter GBR Veteran Female 01:10:21 64th
Adam Taylor GBR Senior Male 01:10:52 65th
Laura Taylor GBR Senior Female 01:11:01 66th
Tomasz Stelmach POL Senior Male 01:11:12 67th
Katie Hewitt GBR Veteran Female 01:11:31 68th
Richard Allen GBR Male over 50 01:11:32 69th
Catherine Kemp GBR Senior Female 01:12:19 70th
Rachel Morrison GBR Veteran Female 01:12:26 71st
Liz Allen GBR Senior Female 01:12:41 72nd
Martin Gleadow GBR Senior Male 01:12:43 73rd
Hayley Agnew GBR Female over 50 01:13:52 74th
Caroline Larkman GBR Veteran Female 01:14:01 75th
Edward Carman ZAF Senior Male 01:15:05 76th
JONATHAN OGDEN GBR Veteran Male 01:15:47 77th
Alex Chan GBR Veteran Female 01:15:53 78th
Jayne Shepherd GBR Female over 50 01:15:54 79th
Lisa Kenny GBR Veteran Female 01:17:14 80th
Sarah Keighley Elstub GBR Veteran Female 01:17:15 81st
Luisa Rabanal GBR Senior Female 01:18:48 82nd
Oskar Smith GBR Senior Male 01:18:49 83rd
Greg Maddock GBR Senior Male 01:18:51 84th
Jessica Hall GBR Veteran Female 01:19:07 85th
Jane Reeve GBR Senior Female 01:24:37 86th
Joanne Graham GBR Veteran Male 01:25:50 87th
Scott Graham GBR Veteran Male 01:25:52 88th
mike merrin GBR Veteran Male 01:27:04 89th
Bianca Lizut DEU Veteran Female 01:27:07 90th
Louisa Westlake GBR Veteran Female 01:27:08 91st
Fiona Walker GBR Female over 50 01:27:16 92nd
Diane Findlay-Robinson GBR Senior Female 01:55:18 93rd
Nicole Nield GBR Female over 50 dnf
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